UAAD Representative Participates in European Association for the Education of Adults Conference

UAAD Representative Participates in European Association for the Education of Adults Conference

On June 27-28, 2018, the General Assembly and the Annual Conference of the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) was held in Tallinn, Estonia. Representatives from 27 countries of Europe and the world took part in the events.

The Ukrainian Association of Adult Education (UAAD), which has been a member of EAEA since 2016, was represented by Yuriy Petrushenko, Deputy Chairman of the Board.

This year’s assembly and conference focused on "Cooperations and Partnerships.” The main issues discussed by the participants concerned current issues, namely:

  • Who currently are effective partners in adult education centers
  • What modern forms of partnership can be created
  • How to build and establish effective cooperation in the digital era

Tallinn was chosen for the annual EAEA conference for it has unique partnerships in the field of adult education and is an example of how the state and the non-governmental sector can effectively cooperate with the wide use of modern digital and communication technologies. In Estonia, with a population of 1.3 million, there are about 250 non-governmental professional organizations specializing in adult education.

Terje Haydak of the Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia during a speech at the conference stressed that cooperation between NGOs and government structures is essential for raising the level of participation in adult education. According to Ms. Haydak, non-governmental organizations in Estonia provide the necessary information about the needs and interests of adults through various working groups and participate in the development of strategic documents, thereby helping to improve the state policy in the field of adult education. Since 2007, the proportion of adults in Estonia who learn throughout their lives has increased from 7% to 17%.

An exchange of thoughts on urgent problems and the search for new partnerships between representatives of different European countries took place in the format of a "world café," which allowed the participants to look at adult education from different points of view. In addition to the collaboration between government and non-government structures and collaborative work on digital governance, issues such as cooperation with the business sector, bottom-up work, joint projects in the field of democracy, partnerships for advanced qualifications, and the establishment of relations with other educational providers were discussed in the groups.

During the conference, 10 new members of the EAEA were elected, and for various reasons the membership of some organizations was suspended. Unfortunately, the majority of the conference participants voted to remove representative of Ukraine Borys Grinchenko University of Kyiv from the association due to non-payment.



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