How to join us?

According to the Regulation Statute of UAEA




1. Members of THE ASSOCIATION may be individuals or legal entities that deal with adult education and recognize the Statute of the Association. The legal association members can be unions, societies, associations, organizations, research institutions, educational institutions of different ownership forms, dealing with adult education and recognize the Statute of the Association.

2. The Board makes the decision on the application of individuals or legal entities to join the Association

  • The term of the application to join the Association and the process of making decision may not exceed two months from the date of receipt thereof to the consideration.
  • On the accepted decision of the Board, on the application of individuals or legal entities, the applicants will be informed during 5 working days

3. The mandatory criteria for the decision to join the members of the Association are:

  • Activities in the scope of adult education.
  • The recognition of the Association Statute.
  • The statement of willingness to participate directly in the activities of the Association.
  • The entrance fee.
  • In addition to these criteria when considering the entry of a new member, other factors can be taken into account, if at least the half of the total number of members of the Association consider them compulsory.

4. The membership of the Association is terminated if:

  • If a person wants to be released at his/her own will.
  • The person can be excluded for the violation of the Association Statute.
  • If there are circumstances according to which the existing legislation links the loss of the capacity of the Association member.




1. All members of the Association have equal rights and commitments.

2. Members of the Association have rights:

  • To participate in the definition of the main activities of the Association, in its working groups, in the formation of its elected bodies.
  • To take part in the election and be elected to the governing body of the Association.
  • To make proposals for the improvement of the association and its elected bodies.
  • To act on behalf of the Association as a representative in international, state, public and other bodies and organizations.
  • Voluntary contributions can be donated to the account of the Association on the charitable basis
  • To receive informational, methodical and organizational support from the Association.
  • To appeal against a decision, an action, an inaction of governing body of the Association.
  • To have free exit from the Association.

3. Members of THE ASSOCIATION are required:

  • To pay entrance and membership fees under the terms developed by the Board.
  • To comply with the requirements of the Statute, carry out the decision of governing bodies
  • To fulfill their commitment to the Association.
  • To carry out the cooperation and mutual support between all members.
  • To participate in resolving issues of the Association.


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