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Ordinary Member of the

European Association for the Education of Adults

PUBLIC UNION «UKRAINIAN ADULT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION» (hereinafter - The Association) is a non-profit public association, its activities are extended on the territory of Ukraine (Regulations of UAEA).

The purpose of THE ASSOCIATION is the establishment and the development of adult education in Ukraine, the formation of lifelong learning society education.

The main tasks of THE ASSOCIATION:

  1. The participation in forming the policy of adult education and the policy of lifelong learning education in Ukraine, including the drafting of legislative acts.
  2. The participation in the drafting of state concepts and adult education strategies in Ukraine and its implementation.
  3. Promoting the development of association members potential and their activities on the territory of the country, the empowerment of their professional development.
  4. Providing advisory and methodical assistance in matters of adult education to association members and to the other organizations and institutions.
  5. Strengthening and improving the process of training highly qualified specialists for the adult education system.
  6. Creating the databases about adult education and distribution of the information in Ukraine and other countries.
  7. Conducting national, regional, interregional and international congresses, conferences, symposia, seminars, round tables, exhibitions, fairs and other events on adult education.
  8. Providing information support of the statutory activities of THE ASSOCIATION.
  9. Implementation of science, research, informational and educational activities.
  10. Representing the Association at the international level and cooperation with international governmental and non-governmental organizations and educational institutions in the field of adult education in other countries, including the implementation of joint projects and programs.

During the Annual Conference of the European Association for the Education of Adults In June 24-28, 2016 in Brussels (Belgium), Public Union "Ukrainian Adult Education Association" became an official ordinary member of the European Association for the Education of Adults.

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